Solar tree is one of the lighting trees in the field of urban furniture that produced with a beautiful design and innovation in technology by the experts of the Energy House’s company. We tried to use the best material, tools and equipment with high efficiency which leads to increment in quality of production.

Other features are optional:

  •  Take advantage of AC power as a backup
  • call the prayers
  • Equipped with wireless internet
  • Use charging equipment such as laptops and mobile
  • EHC-SLT-F1020 Model

  • number of head: 10
  • Bench Type: Fiberglass and round
  • Capacity: 8 -10 Person
  • Bench Diameter: 2100 mm
  • Power of each head: 20W Made By LG Company
  • Lighting Type: SMD Made in Taiwan
  • Number of Lighting: 4 base
  • Charge Controller: 30 amp made in Germany
  • Battery: 200 mAh lithium battery made in Italy