Energy management includes some instructions that caused integration of the organization and commitment to usage of energy carriers. The purpose of energy management is to achieve organizational goals in order to have efficient use of energy with a minimum investment. Although this issue may seems simple but emphasize is on the energy efficiency, separate and apart from affecting factors, it may lead to ignorance of the demands of the organization. Current standards of energy management are include ISO50001, EN16001, MSE 2008 that in the meantime, the standard of ISO50001 that published at the late 2011 have a higher credibility.
There is a tendency in the area of energy management which state that energy saving must considered as a technical activity, it may be as a technical part currently. This tendency may be suitable at the first level of the establishment of energy management and impose control on energy consumption. But it’s not suitable for training or informational activity of energy management, so for motivating and training activities of energy saving “Cooperation” must be defined in whole the organization.
Energy House Company brought many successful projects to the level of implement and receives certification in major industries of country especially in Oil and Gas tendency with having expert human resources in energy, industry, electricity and chemical field. In brief, here are the provided headlines in energy management system requirement based on ISO 50001, some parts of suggested services of Energy House Company in order to implementing energy management projects are as follow:

viewIconFirst phase – recognizing and reading available situation, preparation
Presenting a divided detailed report of energy proceed of the company for every unit based on the amount of energy usage process from past until now and analyzing the results, based on statistics technique in format of specific energy consumption index, this index will used in determination of energy baseline, also using of all the other standards and types of ISO 50000 is available in this part. For example we can use ISO 50006 standards in order to having the best determination for energy baseline and ISO 50015 as criterion measurement and validation.

learningIconSecond phase – Education

  • Holding training courses to describe foundation and standard requirements for members of energy management committee and all the other related groups.
  • Holding training courses about how to review energy usage based on ISO 50001.
  • Holding courses for inner audit energy management system.
  • Present an authentic certification for those who take part in courses.

chechIconThird phase- check the process of production, operation and determination of energy factors
In this level EC2 team is formed and professional energy review is taking place for whole the production and operation activities

documentIcon Forth phase- planning, codification and energy management system establishment

In this level documentation and explanation of the main elements of energy management system will be done. Also according to activity level and organization activities extent, documents will be implementing in organization.

AuditIconFifth phase- final audit, submitting the system
By completing level four, settled system and final report and assessment will be represent, also whole the methods, conclusion, classification and be prepared for final audit by a company (CB authentic standard certificate exporter)


Energy House suggestion for having energy management

1- 1. Contact us to receive energy management forms (or download here)
2- Fulfill and forward the form
3- Consult with company’s engineers for evaluate determine the scope of activities and establishment purpose for energy management system
4- Offer the technical and financial proposal
5- Presence at the employer’s meeting for proposal description at the presence of senior managers of the organization if it was needed