What is energy audit?
Energy audit is series of actions in order to identify, how to distribute the values and positions of usage of energy carriers in an activity or a process, that during its implementation, chances and possibilities of energy saving Identifies and evaluates. The purpose of energy audit is to find a solution for decreasing energy usage in product unit and also cost of operation. Energy Audit word is defined as a planned sampling and the current cost recovery in dictionary, whereas the word energy audit makes the following concepts:

  • Get the value and how to use the energy or convert it of a form to another form.
  • Specify the position of reducing energy
  • Achieving to an economic method for reducing the above usage.
  • Formulate the advices in order to improving the process.

According to the current performance evaluation in any industrial process, priorities in the energy audit can be identified and determined. Usually in single process units that have the lowest efficiency and cost the least to enhance the efficiency of the system is located in a first priority. Also necessary standards, especially environmental issues and immunity must be observed.

Energy Audit
There are different definitions in the world for energy audit (in industry and building) that every single one of them can lead the experts into a specified path for evaluating the results of energy audit. The standards such as ISO 50002:2014 and AS/NZS 3598: 2000 are international standards for energy audit which has been translated by Energy House Company and now is available.

The policies of doing energy audit projects in industry or building are based on ISO 50002 so that the documented service history is according to what we mentioned in different standard level and also according to client needs.
Different levels of energy audit based on standard are as follow:

a) level 1
b) level 2
c) level 3

A: Audit level 1
A level one audit that sometimes named as “Overview” provides the possibility of evaluation of whole energy usage of the place to determine that if the usage of energy is logical or not. This standard provides the internal evaluation from the place so that the effect of measurement can be followed and evaluate. This act can be a kind of library study. Although the information had been offered or collected, the audit needs to prove the competence for ability of determining the overall level. It’s expected from the audit level one to present an overview that represent general order save and cost. Accuracy of numbers in this level of audit usually is in ±40%.

Energy Audit Level 1

B: audit level 2
Audit level two determines the energy resources of the place, the amount of energy supplied and the amount of energy usage. Also identifying the places that audit can be achieved, recommend the measurement should be done and prepare a report from costs and saving potential.

Energy Audit Level 2

C: Audit level 3
Audit level 3 provides a slight analysis of energy usage, frugality that may be possible and provides the cost for achieving the audit. This audit can support all the area or concentrate on a separate unit, like a separated industrial process or one of the services units. Auditor often can hire an expert for doing the special parts or can record the events. The main target for this level of energy audit is to evaluate energy system features, production efficiency, determine the amount of wastage quantity and determine the pattern of energy usage in the industrial unit that all of them will be achieve by having the above information. Therefor the following actions are necessary for achieving to the mentioned targets.


Energy House company prepared a gathered framework according to ISO 50002:2014 for designing services of energy audit in industry and building by relying on the technical and experimental knowledge of its engineers.


Energy house suggestion for doing energy audit

for technical and financial evaluation and also having a successful project for energy audit in industry or building we offer you to act as follow:

  • 1 Contact us to take energy audit forms ( or you can download it here)
  • 2 Fulfill and send the form
  • 3 Consulting with our engineers for evaluates and determination the range of activities, target and choose the level of energy audit.
  • 4 About the project that the employer is willing to purchase the level three of energy audit services we suggest that employer implement the level one audit at first to increase efficiency of project and decrease the employer expense.
  • 5 We proposed to improve the performance of energy audits, First energy management system based in organization and then in parallel or subsequently energy audit Project define. However, in this proposal process and infrastructure must evaluate and then comment.
  • 6 Present a technical proposal
  • 7 Presence at the employer’s meeting for proposal description at the presence of senior managers of the organization if it was needed.