With increasing technology day by day, most of the industrial managers were looking for a tool to control and monitoring energy usage in their companies. At the late nineties while the programming applications were developed, most of the managers attempted to create a database and use the statistics results of them, and use the result and gained analysis for codification the related index with their industries. Nowadays increase and development the computer science caused that the industrial managers’ act according to their tastes and experiences of their industries for development of energy management application. Application designing create a point of view for managing most of a collection in addition it could lead the usage in the direction of accuracy to principles and the way of usage of energy carriers.
Energy House company with having a combination of programmer and energy experts and also based on industrial managers offers take action to design an application to manage and control energy usage. Some of the usage and facilities of energy management application are as follow:


goals-icon Purpose of the application

  • Increase efficiency amount
  • Ietermine present situation
  • Control and monitoring energy usage
  • Check the defects of process and usage
  • Adjustment of repair and maintenance time

chart-icon The ability of reporting and saving the application’s data

  • Represent energy usage management report as graph and diagram
  • A complete system for reporting based on employer taste
  • Present a report for structural different levels in the form of combination, unit, section and tooling
  • Observe the performance records of whole the equipment, sections and units with having the ability of define a certain period

structure-icon Structural facilities of application in order to define save and retrieve the data

  • The ability of application design in the form of web based
  • The possibility of utilization web based system according to different access level that has been defined by technical director of system on the related unit
  • Create energy management dashboard
  • Codification a diagram of energy flow RES at the organization
  • The possibility of save and load the data
  • Create database for technical records and archive

connect-icon Contacting facilities of the application

  • Real Time connection with available equipment and apply required changes
  • The possibility of developing the application in order to support the new equipment, dynamic and without any changes in the application
  • Connection with external resources of data including banks and other files

design-iconStructural design of the application

  • Calculate the efficiency of equipment based on input to application
  • Loss calculation process in shape of schematic and graph
  • djustment Energy balance sheet process in shape ofschematic and graph
  • Arrange energy process balance sheet and compare with international standards
  • Draw a diagram of trend process at the specified period
  • Monitoring data log sheet based on Gaussian analysis
  • The ability to customize menus and tools based on the level of access and use
  • Ability of customize the menu tools based on the access and use
  • Possibility of receipt output at different forms ( xml, xls, …)
  • Persian language of application for easiness of users
  • Intelligent control about the entrance of data
  • High processing speed
  • High security for information

Energy House company is able to adjust the above description services, moreover we could design the suggested application in the shape of employers need and discretion specific processes by relying on our IT experts and programing team.