Energy House Consulting Engineers Company starts its activities on 2007 in order to perform macroeconomic policies of the country at energy section, by saving actions and rational use of energy at different levels, protection of environment and also perform action which related to efficient operation from different types of energy carriers, and now is considered as one of the leading companies at offering engineering services in the field of management, audit and energy consulting. Most of the company’s activities are in three groups as following:

  • Energy services
  • Production
  • Training

Energy services

This part includes energy management and energy audit in industry and building. Energy House tries to perform correct, efficient and documentary results from issues analysis based on basic science and engineering technology by incorporate academically education of expert team and experiences of beneficiaries of industry section.

Information technology is another part of energy services of the company which create a database for energy management statistic reasoning for energy engineering, calculate indicators and international standards, development and technical result reasoning based on relevant standards in Europe by relying on IT team knowledge.



Energy House company’s productions are as follow:

  • Solar panel, sale agent of LG company (Korea)
  • Solar water heater, cooperate with Deno Company (France)
  • Solar intelligent street lights
  • Solar tree



Energy House company considered as the most technical training center for energy management and energy audit in the country, this company held various training courses at the field of energy management at section such as refinery, power plant, petrochemical, Oil and gas, automotive, food industry and est. it was an important step in the field of culture, education and efficiency promotion at different levels of industry and building.



Company Members

Araz Alizade


Smaeil Alaghemand

Member of the Board